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Bluetooth adaptor

Guest Alex_le_brit

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I think I may just have discovered a way to get bluetooth on a Canary/Tanager. feel free to shoot my theory full of holes though.

So you'll need either a Serial Sync Cable


Or Orange's Sync Station + RS232 Cable


Then you'll need a 9 pin gender changer


And then finally one of these



According to the website this is designed as a standalone product needing no external software. It does need a 4-5V power input, but it says this is possible on pin nine of the serial plug. If we knew which pin was power out on the SPV for things like the keyboard and camera, we could probably use that.

I'm sure with a bit of cutting, and soldering and bodging, it would be possible to fit the SPV/XDA's plug directly onto the Bluetooth plug, which would get round the need for a bunch of cables, or maybe onto a modified cradle.

This probably wont give full bluetooth capabilities, but wouldn't it allow bluetooth active synching and passthru? Mind you for the cost of all that lot, you could have gone and bought an E200 on E-bay.

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