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Looking for the newest and best apps

Guest midwest kid

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i had recently purchased a classic spv from a buddy, it tweaked out on me and i had to do a hard reset, i now have to application unlock my phone, and instead of re installing the old apps i had from my buddy (few years old ) i was wondering what are the new apps and the pros and cons of each


reg edit .... old hard to understand

dbviewwsp... new and fixes the sms phantom problem

pocket tv?? any other players ? is there a player to handle both music and movies in one??

what about smart explorer? is there a newer and better file explorer app??

i'm new so i'm sorry if this is grey or black area questions .... and what is grey and what is black areas??

P.S. i'm stuck in the us where we are still mostly ignorant of smart phones

any one else from the us?? let me know

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Well smart explorer still rocks - get a new version from binarys.com.

Or you could pay for resco explorer with a good in-built reg editor.

Also there are a few pc apps for reg editing your phone like smartione.

O and for music and movies - betaplayer 0.05 rocks! betaplayer.corecodec.org

Hope that helps!

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hey thanks jamma .... i would have thanked ya earlier but i was out of town ....

i will check out the beta player for sure and a new smart explorer sounds good too

as far as reg editing .... i think i need to learn more before i start thinking about that ....

your help is much appreciated .....

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