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what else is there to it?

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Guest Magnetic_dud

mine was a 1gb personal video and audio player. :lol:

and in an emergency case it can be used to make calls :(

games? no, too slow and buggy. I lost a lot of calls :?:

2 months ago i bought a microantenna (5 euro), so it was nicer.

Unfortunately Sony's Memory stick duo pro costs a LOT, so now I miss this function :P

I have a phone that in an emergency case it can be used to see a 2 minutes video :o

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after a hard reset which rom is loaded? the original one you start with? or do you need to get a rom?


The one you start with. This as a hard reset will restore your current rom.

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Ok i have done the hard reset, SUCCESS. Thinking of doing an RF update, what changes would this make. Currently the the Radio Version is MBE43036-01 but i hear that there is a 49026 update, is this any better? Does it improve network signal?

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After hard resetting the phone, i have found out that i dont have "Taskman" anymore, i used to like this task manager as it was very quick and simple. Did anyone else lose this app, after hard reset?

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Guest starfarer

It seems mine is DEAD :( . One morning last week it just hanged and when i took off the batt and restart then it took very very long to boot. When at home screen suddenly it was all chinese language and home key/shortcuts wouldn't work anymore although i could make calls and receive them. Tried to reset the phone but combination of down+power off is not working any more.

All those days with 8390 was better than i expected. Impressed many guys with quality of videos and music and all those customisation thingy.Infact most guys are now moved to some smartphones now but not 8390 :o.


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