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New case (fascia) for Charmer?

Guest fUNKUS

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ok..... nobody panic....its, its got a scratch! :shock: Not a little scratch but a big dent and chipped paint and i cant ignore it lol. I know soon i will want to resolve this but ive not seen any cases (actual fascia not a case to put it in)

Anyone seen any replacement cases on sale?

I expect they would have to come 4 peices front,back upper, back lower and the black plastic with recording and camera buttons on it. I know how hard the device is to dissasemble (cos ive done it) and it is possible to remove these parts.


(PS: I refuse to use a leather holster or any other carrying device ive seen so far because it turns this small device into an big one. Imho with a screen protector and an empty pocket these divices should be safe, that is unless you are a rock climber or something ;) )

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