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Google maps mobile help

Guest MJM

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My MPx220 used to have Google maps mobile installed on it, until it got reset that is.

While rebuilding the software and settings on the phone I went to the appropriate google website on the phone's web browser and did all the right things to download the software and install it again.

However, when I get to the page where it asks you if you want to use airtime to run Google Maps Mobile I can't proceed any further. The options are all there but there is no button such as "ok", "go", or "cancel" at the bottom to continue. When I push the end call button I get the standard options of end, resume, or suspend.

I have tried erasing it and reloading it with no luck.

I am not running any other downloaded software that could be interfering with it.

I searched this forum but could not find anything addressing this specific situation.

Thanks in advance

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