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HELP - I've broke it

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Guest philg2000


I have had the Extended Rom mounted using HERMES_MountExtROM.CAB, and whilst installing something to it the machine crashed. Then it wouldnt boot past the blue Windows Mobile screen.

So I did a Hard Reset. Now, if I have the HERMES_MountExtROM.CAB installed the machine wont boot. I have tried this even resetting before the Customisation runs, so the ONLY thing installed is the HERMES_MountExtROM.CAB.

I have a back up the Extended Rom - is there anyway to format it / delete all its contents without have HERMES_MountExtROM.CAB installed?

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Guest philg2000

Even more weird...

I can see the contents of the Extended_Rom using Total Commander, but it wont let me delete anything.

I reckon its simply corrupt, so I guess a re-flash is the only option.

(Or send the thing back to Orange...)

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Guest Paul (MVP)

You can edit extended ROM contents.

I've deleted all mine (after backing it up), and installed my essential progs to it (SKtools) etc. that don't need to be (or I want cluttering up) main memory.


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Guest deadphill


Whilst I have had a windows mobile phone for a while and I have played around with them somewhat, I have never really understood exactly how do make a clean rom and also the methods involved in doing so.

Im not completley dumb ;-) I do know that the extended rom is the area where all the default programs come from. I would love to know how to make my own, but at the same time fully understand what it is I am doing when I do so. Also I would love to know how to make a backup first and then also re-flash it.

I am assuming however that with a rom update from orange for instance, that should my phone flashing go t1ts up then I can use that to reflash the device back to how it was when I received it from the box.

The other thing I would love to do is to extract the sim manager cab and then install it to my exec, as it shows me the telephone number. I have an 02 data 5 tarrif on that phone and I always seem to need the phone number when I am out and about, never when I am at home and have a bill to hand!



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