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"No Service"

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Hi all

as explained by a spanish guy some threads ago, my MPX220 died from evening to morning, with no reason.

It turns on without problems, it asks for pin code, but then there is a strange "no service": it doesn't connect to my cell provider.

I've tried changing the SIM card with another one: no change

I've tried with a master reset, with an upgrade and a downgrade of the ROM: no change.

Any idea?

In an Italian forum there is another guy having exactly the same problem.

What's happening to our MPX220s? Is there a solution other than throwing the phone out of the window?



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Does it work with a different SIM or a SIM from another network?

No, it doesn't (didn't) work with any sim

I've sent the phone to a service center near my house: they have changed the main board and returned me the phone in just 10 days

I didn't spend anything, the warranty is already valid, and they gave me also the official apologizes of Motorola for what happened.

Now the phone is working again.... :rolleyes:

thanks anyway


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