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NEW CameraApp v1.0b Camera software for Mpx220

Guest giovannap5

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As the instructions say:

FIRST you need and unblocked phone

SECOND assign the keys

I added a reg file (.txt ) with some keys assigned I have to guess a lot my russian is not as good as my english :)

Central button--> Take picture

Jostick --> exposure and gain

volume---> Brightness

0-9---> Ohter Functions

Will be nice y some one could translate it ¡¡¡

Remember it's only a beta but it's a big step in the way of solving mpx220 camera

ThAnks Silix

THIs is an automatic translate of manual:

0. Introduction:

This program and all its subsequent versions are absolutely free and are extended according to principle of DonateWare (those willful charities). Thus you as the end user can participate in the project. If you count that project it is necessary and must tyuey razvivatsya, and respect work made by the author you can perechisit' any sum to the given below purses, thus after supporting the author and further development of design.

©2006 SiliX


email:[email protected]

Web Money:




1. Installation of the program:

Unpack contents of archive CameraApp_1..0b.zip into the directory on PK.

Archive contains the following files:





With pomosh'yu of program Microsoft ActiveSync you will place the unpacked files into the directory on the telephone.

2. First starting.

Attention! Before the first starting possibly it will be required to unblock list on the telephone.

You will neglect program CameraApp.exe. After the load of program the basic window will appear:

1 - video-selector.

2 - indicator of brightness value.

3 - indicator of the value of contrast.

4 - indicator of the value of exposure.

5 - indicator of the value of strengthening.

6 - output from the program.

7 - menu of additional actions.

3. Menu of the actions:

With the pressure of the point of "menu" (right of soft- key) is reflected the menu of the basic action

uning" - access to tuning of program.

"about prgramme" - information about the version and author of program.

"Start Video", ".Stop Video" - beginning and the end of the regime of the record of videotape.

Vnimaniye!Funktsiya is test!

The information on the video-selector IS NOT REPRESENTED with the record by video. Record occurs into folder Storage with the name of file Video.mpg. Size of video recording - MPEG1.

ya.Nastroyki of the program:

4.1 dialog box the basic tuning:

The list "permission" makes it possible to select one of 7 accessible permissions of the survey:


The list "regime" makes it possible to select one of 3 accessible regimes of the work of matrix OV9640: RAW.rgb or YUV.

Attention! Regime RAW thus far is not realized. The selection of regime can lead to the unpredictable results.

The lists "brightness" and the "contrast" make it possible to select the values of the corresponding parameters.

Groups "ekpozitsiya" and "strengthening" make it possible to dispose the values of the corresponding parameters in the manual regime. With the mark of chekboksa the "auto-" parameter will be they will change in accordance with the internal algorithms of sensor in the automatic regime.

Group the "balance of balogo" makes it possible to dispose the values of strengthening separately for each channel (dark-blue, red), or to select atomaticheskoye control of the parameter. Napimer for obtaining the monochromatic photograph it is possible to establish the values of strengthening along the channels by equal to 0. The usually given parameters are tuned as follows: a series of the photographs of white object with different tuning of the parameters is done, the photograph, where the white color deystvirel'no white, further is selected. This I correspond to the optimum tuning of the level of the balance of white with the given conditions of illumination. Is important for the precise transfer of color nuances.

The point of "menu" makes it possible to obtain access to the additional tuning of the program:

"buttons..." and "retention..."

4.2 the dialog box of tuning the buttons:

It makes it possible to tie different actions to the keyboard of telephone, for operational control of program.

Basic actions of the program:

Eksozitsiya +/- - control of ekpozitsiyey camera. By analogy with the tape apparatuses - this time in flow of which the lock of camera remains open. Accordingly the greater this time, the more strongly will be lit the pixels on the matrix, those in the final analysis picture will be brighter. If light is too bright that all pixels will be lit and will come out sposhnaya white picture. If the illumination level is low, with the low values of exposure can it will not be lit not one pixel it will come out black picture.

Strengthening +/- - control of strengthening matrix. With the readout of the values of stresses from the matrix elements these stresses undergo preliminary amplification, for the normal operation tsifroanalogovo of the converter, which transfers analog values into the digital. Sense of this tuning: all values are multiplied by the assigned coefficient. For example pixel was lit to 50%(te gray color), after assigning strengthening 2 times we will obtain pixel with 100% gating (those white).

Photograph - is produced the survey of one sequence.

Brightness +/- - pozvolet to dispose the parameter of brightness. It is similar according to the sense to the strengthening, but correction is produced after ATSP in the digital form. Example: in tuning of many games there is Gamma-korrekqi4. This is it and there is.

Contrast +/- - pozvolet to dispose parametrkontrastnosti. In the essence these are the degree of the difference between the dark and light sections of image, or the dynamic range of brightness. Changing the value of contrast possible attained that that light and dark sections not they will be they will be distinguished, and it will come out single-tone image.

Exposure max - establishes the makimal'noye value of exposure.

Profile X - establishes one of the color profiles of program those the sun, is cloud itd. Sootvetsviyem thus far it were not dismantled.

To den'/Noch' - vklyuchayet/vyklyuchayet the function of night survey. Vnimaniye!Funktsiya is test! It works completely in the automaton of sensor. There is no tuning as yet.

Dark-blue, red - cyclically change strengthening along the appropriate channels. Those from 0..2shchshch->0..2shchshch and t d.

AWB Disable - is analogous with the installation of strengthening along the channels in 0. It helps it will get rid of color noise in the night regime.

4.3 the dialog box of tuning the parameters of the retention:

It makes it possible to dispose the size of the preserved photograph.

The list "size of photograph" - the selection of the size of retention BMP or JPEG. With this one must take into account that the photograph in size BMP occupies more than place on the device of khraneniya(dlya of the permission of y280kh9'0 ~ of 2Mb). At the same time size JPEG makes it possible to decrease the size of photograph, due to the compression of data, the compression is accomplished with the losses. The degradation of image can occur with the great significances of contraction coefficient, those appear squares. Also occurs "zamylivaniye" of image.

One should remember with the selection of the size of retention that for size BMP podkhodyatsim razhimom of matrix is RGB, in this case the information does not undergo additional conversions and retention is produced more rapidly and colors correspond precisely to values obtained from the matrix of sensor. For size JPEG optimum vybotrom is regime YUV.

The button of the selection of the directory of retention makes it possible select folder where will be it is produced the record of images. Selection: being located in the selected folder press button OK.

The template of name makes it possible to establish rules in accordance with which will be tyuey formirovatsya the resulting name. With the aid of control codes it is possible to assign the necessary combination. It is allowed to introduce any symbols except the symbol of control code # and symbols *?. in the process of the formation of name control codes are substituted by the appropriate values:

# Y Present yr

# M Present month

# D Present day

# h Present hour

# m Present minute

# s Present second

# N Number

For example template "moya_fotka#.Y-#.M-#.D_#.yu:#.m:#.s" with the photograph will be substituted to "moya_fotka0'-08-Рё_2y:yshch:y'"

"compression JPEG" makes it possible to assign contraction coefficient with the retention of photograph in size JPEG. It is assigned in the percentages of 0 yes 100%. 100%- maximum quality, maximum size. Value of 75% is considered optimum.


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did anyone find a version of this application in english??

please write it to me..! -> PM


yep ;) anyone or dwnload place for the russian one ,cause can not be downloaded anymore from there ....

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Hello! Someone can send it to me? Because the first link does not work :rolleyes:

Excuse me for my very bad english.

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