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Problems with ActiveSync over BT - Treo 700wx

Guest tmm1012

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I recently bought a 700wx, and I'm trying to setup ActiveSync to sync Outlook with the Treo. When trying to connect yesterday, I experienced several different results:

-When creating a new Partnership, the Treo would find my computer, I'd select it as the device to use, enter a passkey, and after about 20-30 seconds, it'd finally say "Your device could not connect with [computer] The network connection failed or the passkey is incorrect". During those 20-30 seconds, I can see the Bluetooth icon on the laptop (Thinkpad T60) light up recognizing an active BT connection, but nothing else happens.

-Sometimes I would get the bubble message on the computer that The device "" was trying to access services on this computer (or something of that nature - and that's exactly how it identified the device, with simply ""). I'd click the prompt to allow it, which would bring me to the screen to enter the passkey, but then I'd end up with "Your device could not connect with [computer] The network connection failed or the passkey is incorrect" on the Treo again.

-After about 4 or 5 uninstalls and reinstalls of the BT driver and ActiveSync on the computer yesterday, magically it worked - the bubble message on the computer appeared twice, and I was prompted for the passkey twice, on the second time it identified my device by name as opposed to simply "". ActiveSync immediately fired up, I was able to do a sync, and breathed a sigh of relief.

-From the Treo, I chose Menu -> Disconnect to close the BT connection...then about 10 minutes later, tried testing it again (on Treo: Menu -> Connect via Bluetooth) but it wouldn't connect. Clicking on the "Attention Required" Link told me: Port Not Available: Cannot start communications with the desktop computer. The communications port is not available. Another program may be using the port, or it may not be valid.' (when trying to sync through Bluetooth connection). Nothing changed on either the Treo or the computer during that time.

-After trying a few more times, I gave up for the day. Today, tried it again, and pretty much had the same thing. Successfully connected once and synced, but can't get it to go again. When initiating ActiveSync from the Treo (Menu -> Connect via Blueooth), the BT icon on my computer does light up for a quick second, but then I get the "Attention Required" Link with the same message about the Port Not Available.

So that's where I'm at - I realize that this isn't an overly structured and detailed series of events that I've described, but I'm hoping that this may be an issue that someone is familiar with and can help me get things straightened out. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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