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Configure GPS to work with Mio Map, Route 66, TomTom

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It seems you are probably having the same trouble as I am ...unfortunatley i am not here to help you but asking of it also. However You do not exactly explain what you have tried and what you are trying to do.

I have recently purchased the Glofiish X500 - i'd say a huge leap from the XDA2 but really over 3 years i am not sure the leap is actually that huge. Wifi great Sat Nav (if i could get it to work) probably great also - other than that and a smaller phone with a camera that is meant to be better but don't really knock me out - no not that huge after all.

Ok ..so TomTom Navigator 6 yes i brought the phone and this package together - so logic would state they work seamlessly right?

Well the SD card I got did not fit the phone!!!! So found myself a micro SD and copied TomTom to that and hey presto off and running installing TomTom -..now it took me a while to get to this as the instructions are pretty lame. Figured i could transfer from the supplied DVD. Despite posting help questions to TomTom support they have still yet to reply - thanks guys make an effort - why don't you!!

Ok, so with Tom Tom Navigator booting up on my X500 -finally... I get excited. Start the GPS on the X500 - oh yeah now were cooking.... but no,..... glaring ..at me No GPS Device! Grrrr a day of this hell and still no joy.

Ok so I go to the Tom Tom preferences ...4 choices of device - I can't seem to find any that work - the choices I have on the Tom Tom software do not relate to anything the huge x500 pdf manual has to say - well I tried them all - GPS works fine, all resolving but to get Tom Tom to find and talk to it, is a mystery. I tried ( I honeslty beleive) every possible combination searched high and low for any support help read the manuals - I know I am missing something but for the life of me I can't work this out.

So does anyone out there know how to get TomTom to connect to the GPS?

In the Tom Tom software / Prefrences / Show GPS Status

I get an option Configure - I configure and get 4 options

-Tom Tom Blue Tooth Reciever -Tom Tom Wired GPS Receiver -Other Bluetooth GPS Receiver & Other NMEA GPS receiever

I have chosen them all on desperation just to hit and hope as the one i thought was correct was the Other Bluetooth Receiver

Like I say tried them all and all I ever get is GPS device not detected.

Any advice greatly appreciated


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