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problem during phone call - need help

Guest freesurfer

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hello everybody

sorry for my bad english... hope you can understand this post...

i just disassembled my motorola mpx 220 and cleaned it. after reassembling it i got the following problem:

when someone calls me, i could hear the caller but not myself.

i thought ok, lets reassemble the whole cell phone again, maybe a junction wasn't right.

but i didn't help anything. i kind of disapproved the whole problem :D :

now the caller still can't hear me but i even can't hear the caller. but the connection is established. the only thing i can hear then is my own voice out of the speaker. i strangely hear my voice twice.

the mic and the speaker are working properly (i can listen to my mp3s, record and play my voice notes). but when i get or make a call i have the problem mentioned above...

does anyone of you has an idea how i could fix this?

i would really appreciate your help. pls help me.


I reassembled the cell phone again and now I have the same situation I had after the first disassemblement: I can hear the caller but he can't hear me.

But now I noticed that some sound is transferred. For example, when I blow into the mic or when I snap my fingers, the caller can hear it. But when I start talking he can't hear anything.

This seems very strange to me... :)

I hope someone of you can help me.

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