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replacing screen

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The plastic screen which protects the lcd on my phone is scratched to bits and makes images look fuzzy.

Can someone tell me how I can pull the phone apart so that I can replace the pastic with a peice of glass. I cant find a screw or a clip anywhere! Im new to mobiles and dont know how they are put together.

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Remove battery and sim card.

Leave sim card flap open and get a small electrical screwdriver under the edge of the casing and lever apart. I had a small "void if removed" bit of sticky paper exactly where I needed to get the screwdriver. There will be a small gap on the outside of the phone where the silver and blue plastics join. Get a credit card in this gap and run it around the edge until the phone splits in two. I did it with brute force and didnt break anything so you shouldnt go too far wrong.

The circuit board is held in place by one screw close to the earpiece speaker. Its tiny and I had to file down my smallest screwdriver to get it out.

Its dead easy.

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