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How do you sync music to your Treo?

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I used to put music files by putting my miniSD card into an SD adapter and using my laptops card reader as its faster. Simply drag n drop in Windows Explorer.

But as my collection has grown quite big and with a lot of different styles of music i thought i'd use Windows Media Player and sync with playlists and whatnot using the USB cable as Microsoft so wisely recommends....

"For best results when using Windows Media Player Mobile:

• Always use the desktop version of Windows Media Player 10 to synchronize (copy) files to your Pocket PC. For example, do not use Windows Explorer to drag and drop files from your computer to your Pocket PC.

• When synchronizing files, always synchronize the files to a storage card that is inserted into your Pocket PC. Do not synchronize to a storage card that is inserted into a storage card reader. In addition, do not synchronize to the internal storage location (RAM) in your device."


What a load of [email protected]! The transfer is too slow! It's going to take me hours to sync all my music! So instead i used a "hybrid" verison of my earlier solution. I still put my miniSD in the card reader but use WMP to sync the files. And everything still looks normal with playlists and all on my Treo. The only thing that annoys me is that the songs on the device are not in folders per playlist but per artist which just fills the whole Music folder with hundreds of other folders... Oh well you can't have everything.

Anyway what do you guys do? Im just curious and have nothing better to do at the moment ;)

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personally, i put my minisd card in a reader on my mediacentre laptop, and sync thru mediacentre. only problem is, it just doesn't seem to bring the album art thru properly.

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