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sim hacks for GSM algorithms

Guest sanalp_sp

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I am trying to develop an application on Windows 2003 Pocket PC on Treo 750 to get the IMSI and

run the GSM Algorithms(A3/A5/A8). I found that its possible through AT commands and RIL.

Does all phones support this execution of AT commands ? Does it depend on phone or SIM or OS ?

How can i find whether Treo supports this AT commands ?

To get IMSI , i got it through SIMReadRecord ( ) too. So the problem is with Run GSM algorithm.

I saw GSM11.11 specification which describes ME-SIM interface. In that the Run GSM command is defined.

So am hoping i can use AT commands . Please provide any way to run the algorithm on windows ppc platform.

Does Treo supports this AT commands like AT+CSIM,AT+CIMI


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