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Charmer CID Unlock

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Guest taikonaut


Sorry I am a little noob and I tried searching for CID Unlocking but to no avail. I am under the impression that you have to CID unlock the phone to allow it to take non-shipped (I am currently with T-Mobile) roms. I am not sure if this is true or not. I have the v1 bootloader which some people say will allow me to CID unlock it but I am not sure how.

Also, can I install the custom WM06 rom without CID unlocking it?


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Guest dave106

while youve got v1 bootloaders, you might aswell cid unlock anyway now (for free, use lokiwiz2 on xda-dev) as to put wm6 on, your gonna have to move up to v2+ bootloaders first. after which you'll need to pay to unlock it or go through the hassle of downgrading back to v1s.

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