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Anybody any success with 4gb SDHC card on Eten M700

Guest ifti001

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Hello all,

Does anyone know a fix/ driver upgrade for Eten M700 to use SDHC cards. WM6 does not support it by default.

Paul Bro :) do you know any Fix. I bought a 4GB SDHC card a while ago and still can not use it (with my currunt ROM WM6). I have a 2GB Sandisk Micro SD card right now in my M700. Any help would be appriciated.


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there is a discussion about this on http://eten-users.eu

may help you! :)

Thanks James,

I have looked on the link you provided but can not find any driver for M700. I found a SDHC driver from another form but that driver is missing the .dll file so it does not work.

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Any news about micro sd hc card on eten glofiish m700 ?

The driver that has just appeared through http://eten-users.eu seems to work for the X500, although it's early days yet and perhaps it has bugs.

I'd suggest that you keep looking at that forum, because there's a fair chance it might work for the M700.

- Steve

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