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Leaked Windows Mobile 6 ROM for download!

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I was browsing the 750 forum in XDA-developers and i saw this post that pointed to a link to download the leaked AT&T Windows Mobile 6 ROM and instructions on how to install it. I'm downloading it now and i'll probably install it later on today or tonight after i backup all my stuff. If anyone else installs it post here or start a new thread and tell us how it went.

I thought maybe you guys would like to know. Finally some WM6 action for the 750! Enjoy!

link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=319898

edit: I just installed it with no issues at all. I noticed that the phone seems snappier and more responsive although it looks to me that it takes a bit longer to startup after a soft reset but i could be mistaken. It looks nice and curvy etc as you've probably seen in other WM6 previews and stuff but still does not include Pocket MSN so you have to buy it seperately, i allready had purchased it. Also it erases the Vodafone internet settings and you have to put them manualy.

I installed all the programs i had before which include: Resco explorer 2007 (works fine as far as i can tell), TCPMP player (plays vids ok so far), Opera browser (installed fine but not tested yet), Deepfish browser (installed fine but not tested yet), Google maps mobile (installed fine but not tested yet), Live search mobile (installed fine but not tested yet), Pocket MSN (installed fine but not tested yet), HTC X-button (works as in WM5).

This what i got so far. I dont have time to test the rest of the programs but if asked i may later. Off to the beach now! :)

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