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MDA Compact II- Wi-fi

Guest kellyklass

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I've just purchased a Mda II compact.

I already had a Pluscom sdio wi-fi card, so I installed the card but I'm unable to get it working, everytime I try to start the utility it flashes up on the screen then stops.

I have installed it, un-installed it, performed a soft reset.

Having scoured through the forum has anyone actually got a sdio card to work on this device?

I have tried everything inlcuding downloading the latest rom from t-mobile!

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Take a look over at www.xda-developers.com

Within the Charmer forum you'll find some wm6 ROM's.

I believe people have had more success with these ROM's.

I'm currently using a very nice wm6 ROM with the rotating cube and home screen plugin from the HTC Touch. I can't vouch for the WIFI on this one though, I don't have a WIFI card.

Make sure you know what you are doing before flashing a new ROM. Make sure you use a specific Charmer ROM.


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