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How to use FakeCursor?

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Hello, I am new to this forum and smartphone world. So sorry if my questions will be silly for you. I need some GPS navigation in my phone (i-Mate SP5, WM5), so I decided to use TomTom. I installed (basically copied it to memory card smile.gif

TomTom 6, it is just for PDA with touchscreen, but it works in my i-Mate. But problem of course is that you can't use it properly without "mouse". For that I downloaded FakeCursor (and SPHelper later) but I cant make it work properly. I copied FakeCursor to Windows folder. I was trying to copy changed long_CAMERA.lnk to Windows folder so that I could load mouse with camera button. But I could not replace the file, unchecking "read-only" didn't make any difference. And if I load FakeCursor from file manager I can only move it and thats it (or is it normal?) and can't "click" anything. How do I click using FakeCursor? Using SPHelper is the same I did managed to get mouse in TomTom but again I couldn't click. All SPhelper menus works fine. I think its is something very simple that I am missing. Please help. Thank You in advance for your answers. Tomas

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