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Vario iii 'getting started cd' won't install

Guest Optilux

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New T-mobile Vario iii seems to work fine, so far as it goes - but it's not much good if I can't link it to the PC.

Unfortunately the packaged 'getting started' CD doesn't want to run - setup.exe doesn't want to run, specifically.#

Is this a known problem with an easy fix? - if the media is corrupt, it will be a pain waiting for a new one.

Is there any other software I can d/l to allow the Vario III to talk to the PC, instead of using the install CD?

Connecting the Phone to the PC via USB recognises that there is a new device, but doesn't let me do anything (e.g. the phone doesn't appear as a removable disk, as might be the case with a memory stick or MP3 player).

Thanks, fingers crossed.

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