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Guest JDR1203

Alright, so, I love my SDA. And I'm sure those of you out there who own one of these HTC Tornado variants do too. But yes, I did something rather stupid. Once, with a headset (With 2.5-3.5 mm adapter plugged in), I had it in a holster and got up very quickly. This then bent/broke the pin inside the SDA's headset jack. Courtesy of this, my phone now permanently thinks a headset/headphones are attached, and refuses to play back ANY audio over the speaker. Changing profiles does nothing. However, when I pair a bluetooth headset with the phone, it works well, for calls. I cannot seem to get A2DP to work either.

So, really, ANYONE who can help me with this, whether it be a hardware or software guide, it'd be much appreciated.

P.S. I'm running the imate SP5M aku2 ROM.

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