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Struggling to get C600 Working on O2

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Hi, I've just switched my unlocked C600 from orange to o2 (pay and go), but can't get MMS or internet working.

I've checked the forums & wiki, but still can't get it going.

Does anyone know what's wrong with the following settings?

Settings -> Connections(6) -> GPRS(4) ->

1 O2 Net

Connects To The Internet

APN payandgo.co.uk

user name payandgo

password password

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

2 O2 WAP GPRS Connects To Work

APN payandgo.co.uk

user name payandgo

password password

Primary DNS

Settings -> Connections(6) -> Proxy(5) ->

1 O2 WAP Proxy Connects From The Internet

Connects To WAP Network



user name payandgo

password password

Settings -> Connections(6) -> Advanced (Menu 1)

Internet Conection o2 net

Work Connection Automatic

WAP Conection o2 net

Secure WAP Connection Automatic

Messaging -> MMS (4) -> Options (Menu 8) -> Account Options (4) -> MMS (2) -> MMSC Settings (Menu 1)


MMSC URL http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002

WAP Gateway

Port 9201

Connect Via Work

Max Sending Size 100K

WAP Version 1.2

Internet Explorer

Tools (Menu 9) -> Options (3) -> Connections

Automatically detect settings Checked

Select Network The Internet

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