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n00bie questions.....

Guest madmorph

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hi guys been surfing in the background for a while now and thru reading alot of ur postings optep to get myself a kaiser....theres jusr a few niggles i have with it.....

1.firstly is it possible to turn the incessant clicking sound off when u use the main keypad...it really grates on me

2. also ive installed the htc home plugin thingamebob my phone is actually the voda v1615..is there anyway to turn off the no upcoming appoinments line of text until there is actually an appointment due i cant see the point of it being there until an appointment is due....the same goes for the sms/mms and no unread emails is it poss to make em dissapear until there is a mail or mesage

3.lastly phew... i work a four on four off rota system is there anyway of entering the days i work into the phone without having to do it day by day...so that it places them in there for the whole year....

hope u can help or at least shed some light on these for me ....cheers guys.....andy :(

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