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Tom Tom and Parrot ck3100

Guest Claudio66

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I hope that someone could help me to solve the following issue:

I have a Smartphone MPx220 and TomTom Mobile (Ver. 5,20) install on it. I also have a Parrot CK3100 Car kit installed on my car. The phone call are normally redirect on the car kit and everithing works very good. I also installed Jetware software on the MPx220 in order to send all the phonebooks from the smartphone to the car kit and everithing is fine.

The problem is that I can't redirect any other audio (via bluetooth) to the car kit (I have already tried BTAudio, Bluecast, BlueMusic 2.0, etc.); all these software seems to work on the phone, but no audio comes from the car kit. What should be important for me is to be able to redirect TomTom audio from the MPx220 to the car kit. I read from some others forums (like Nokia 6680) that it is possible to redirect Tom Tom audio from the mobile phone to the Parrot Ck3100 (so I believe that the car kit is ok). The only result I got till now is a terrible noise (using BTAudio or BlueMusic) when I start the Tom Tom on the Mobile phone. Nothing else.

Could you please help?

Thanks and Best Regards

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HI ,

We are a taxi company Hummingbird Cars in London. We provide Airport Transfer service from all london airports.

We have recently started our new business and we require to buy Car navigation system or Tom Toms . Can anyone suggest which company is the best and where we can get the best deals.


Thank you


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