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using an HTC Tornado on AT&T (US)

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Guest dude8604

I'm trying to get an HTC Tornado to use on AT&T. I'll probably get a Tmobile SDA because that's the only one that's sold in the US. I know I'd have to get it unlocked, but then would I have to get a different ROM to use it with AT&T? What are the advantages of getting a different ROM, and how do I find them and update the phone? I know the Cingular 2125 is already supported by AT&T since they bought Cingular, but I want to have wi-fi on it, which the HTC Tornado does.

Also, are there any other Smartphones I should consider? I like having a phone with just the numeric keypad and not a full keyboard, definetely want wi-fi, and definetely a Windows Mobile phone so I can use MS VoiceCommand.

Thanks for your help.

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Guest KeRoLiUkAs

I have a T-Mobile SDA (US) and I can tell you that you don't necesarily have to buy an unlocked one, if buying a locked one is cheaper, do it, because you can easily unlock it yourself. You will not need a new rom to use AT&T, but I would use a new one if I was you(and yes i use a new 1 on mine), the reason for that is that SDA comes with Windows Mobile 5, while you can flash a Windows Mobile 6 rom, it's a whole new & better expierence.

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yeah, don't pay extra for an unlocked one, you can unlock it yourself for free.

You don't need any special rom. I have the t-mobile sda and I use it on at&t. All you have to do is look in the at&t web site for the settings for the 2125 for gprs, mms, etc.

it works great.

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