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Vario 3 TMobile - Voicemail Divert issue?

Guest hyeung

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I've been with TMobile for ~4 months (back in Oct). Since then i've had the Vario 3 handset. During this period i have had a strange issue which appears to happen every ~2 weeks or so. It appears that any incoming voice calls get diverted to voicemail.

The caller basically gets one ring and then striaght to voicemail; my phone does not ring however, during the call it lights up as if its about to recieve a call.

Btw, the setup on my phone is that it should only divert to voicemail after 30secs; its currenty in Auto mode i.e. Uses 3G but drops down to GSM on bad areas

Anyways it appears that the only way to fix this is to reset the phone (using the stylus)

Thereafter it works fine until the next time it happens again.

This has happend consitently since i joined TMobile. Sometimes at Work and sometimes in other places. I'd only know its gone into this state when i have a bunch of voicemessages. However, when this happens, i am still able to make outgoing calls and recieve incoming text messages fine. I even get alerts of voice messages, but no voice calls can get thru!!?

This has happend at work once, and 2 of my colleages have the Vario 2 running 3G (with TMobile) without any of these issues. At work, we have full 4 bar strength in 3G.

However at home i'd only get 1-2bars in 3G.

When i phoned to complaint, i got the excuse that there is an issue with 3G and they are working on it....something to do with too many people connected to a given mask? And i'm given the resolution to use GSM mainly, and to switch to 3G when using internet!

This i find very poor! as it seems i'm paying for a service that really isnt there.

I was also told that when i reset the phone, a new connection is reestablished with the mask and hence everything works again.

But with this in mind, i notice a slight contradiction. When the phone was in this faulty state, the signal changed from 3G to GSM and then back to 3G. Now surely this means that a new connection must have been reestablished? But yet the phone still does this voicemail divert.

Anyways i feel TMobile are trying to ignore this issue. As currently, i'm unsure if its the phone, my sim card, the network or my account?

So far, i've now passed several examples of calls i.e date, time, locations; where an incident has been raised for investigation. This is only after 6-7calls to TMobile during the time i've been with them.

I'm not sure whats going to be the outcome. But as it stands my phone is still in this weird voicemail divert state. I'm reluctant to reset this as i'll loose proof of this problem.

I guess i'll try this tommorrow to see if its still in this voicemail state.

I would appreciate some feedback if your in the same situation or know what this heck is going on? Sorry for the long post...



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This is a symptom of the much posted and much discussed but still unresolved TMobile 3G issue. Try a forum search here and on xda-developers for more info. We don't need yet another thread on this!

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Did i search and i've read some of the posts. However it would seem that folk are having issues with 3G in voice calls, data and text. Which looks to be slightly different from me, as i can everything working apart from incoming voice calls...seeing these get diverted to voicemail. Only fix is to soft reset....and things work for a few weeks again.

Contact tech dept enquiring about the incident. As typically expected, they provided no further leads or info, other than the network was fine! And can't explain the example calls i provided. So techs have advised the phone probably is faulty and could be sent for repair.

I pointed out that i've had this issue since the beginning (within 28 day purchase period - Oct 07). I had contacted TMobile within this period, who checked my settings and eventually advised a soft reset which fixed it. So never thought any more of it....

But it's obvious the issue reoccurs (~6times over these months)

However, the handset team are insisting only a repair can be done cos its after 28 days and there are no notes of the reported issue during the 28day period.

I'm now awaiting to speak to a manager tommorrow.

Is is really my problem that their staff did not record anything at the time?

Just wondering if i have any leg to stand on regarding this? I've also been advised that 3G doesnt do voice calls only data within the TMoble network? So as suggested to others, switch to GSM! I can't believe i was hearing this...Whats the point in the 3G phone and WnwPlus service?

Would i be right to say under the sale act, the phone and network service is not fit for purpose. And have the option to cancel the contract etc?

Not sure if this would help change their minds with the replacement instead of a repair?

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The 3G issue manifests itself as an intermittent inability to make OR receive calls.

I assume this is only for the TMobile network?

I'm finding it abit of pain as i can't be sure if its the phone itself or like you say, an issue with 3G. I know i have partial symptoms i.e. unable to recieve calls but everything else works fine whlist in this state i.e. outgoing calls, data in/out and txt msgs in/out.

But as soon as a reset (soft) is carried out....everything is fine again.

Two folk in the Office have the Vario II (with TMobile), and they have not had ANY issues, both running 3G all the time.

So i'm kinda puzzled as where we go with this?

Now if say it was a handset issue, I've had these symptoms early on (within the first month of purchase) and did contact Tmobile for assistance. It appeared to be a network issue as a recommended reset fixed it. However, as its over the 28 day period, i kinda screwed as TMobiles comments are no exchanges.

So what would u recommend? Push for a replacement to see if it fixes things or what?

I find it hard to believe that people are just accepting these type of issues.....

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If you read my posts you'll see how I got on.

Yeah, it appears you were having issues with making calls and internet access.....basically totally unusable with 3G.

And you had your handset exchanges within 4days of getting it.

But you mention that the problem has reoccurred. However, i am right in saying there still isnt a solution as such? Seeing that i cannot find any posts or mention about how this was progressed?

Again, i am only guessing i may have the same issues; as i clearly don't have the exact same symptoms (only get issues with recieving calls every 2-3weeks. And it stays in this state until a reset is carried out).

Also, around the battery i have the follwing code - date:090807(RB01)/EU

At the time, this was the latest release.....Can you confirm if you have the same?

My ROM ver:

ROM date: 09/01/07

Radio ver:

Protocol Ver:

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I have exactly this divert to voicemail problem too - I'm on O2 and have the XDA Stellar (HTC Tytn II). O2 insist that the handset goes away for repair, but I'm not being without it for two weeks!

Hmm, might be device specific then?

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I have exactly this divert to voicemail problem too - I'm on O2 and have the XDA Stellar (HTC Tytn II). O2 insist that the handset goes away for repair, but I'm not being without it for two weeks!

Hmm, might be device specific then?

T-mobile basically told me to just use GSM rather than 3g, and yes this solved the calls issue but defeats the point of web and walk in my mind, it did work absolutely fine for about two to three months after getting the phone and then the troubles started around christmas, so I think it is the 3g radio receiver at fault rather than a network issue, as mine makes no difference which area i am in and other colleagues use 3g no problem in the same office area

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