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Gow do i hard reset my Kaiser

Guest dobby156

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My kiaser acting a bit wierd and i want to hard reset it so i can start from sratch.

1). i share my contact with outlook, when i resync it it will just put them back on the phone (or will it erase them from outlook?

2).will it keep infomation like who may phone service is?

3). will it keep all the defualt programs.

Also how the hell do you reset it?


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From having the unfortunate experience of hard resetting my device around three times in the last two weeks, I know the default programmes will remain. You will basically turn the phone to the exact setting it was when you received it, so that means you will have to calibrate your phone, set the time and date ect. Anything you’ve changed since you received your device will return to its default setting. Unless you’ve changed the configuration of your phone service, it should be the same.

I don’t know about your outlook contacts though as I don’t even use outlook. Any number you save on your sim will definitely remain however.

You can also reset by pressing the two buttons with the horizontal dashes on your keys together at the same time as using your stylus as if to soft reset. Remove the stylus after a couple of seconds and a screen will appear with some words. Then press the button with the green phone icon on it (the ‘call button')

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