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I have to admit I'm suffering from the same issue on my HTC Tytn II. I can select "Other NMEA GPS receiver" and I've set the GPS via the "Programs" section of "External GPS" in the phones settings to Comm Port 4 at Baud Rate 4800. But when I try and set the Comm Port in the "Hardware" tab it never saves my settings :-s

I don't know if I'm going something wrong and generally being a biff or there's something wrong with the phone.

I have to admit it would be nice for a comprehesive guide on how to configure Tom Tom for Windows Mobile 6 both from a Windows OS point of view and from a Tom Tom application point of view.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post


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@ADG: Which GPS program are you trying to use? How long have you left it to pick up a signal?

@mechanix: Have you changed any of the 'External GPS' settings? If so, you may have actually broken the GPS software. Some TyTnII's seem to be afflicted with a dodgy GPS control, and once 'gone' the only way out is a hard reset, which will lose all your user data.

If you have not made any changes, just open the External GPS control, make a note of which Program Port is listed. Which TTN version are you using? The one that comes with the TyTnII (on the CD) is specific to the TyTnII and includes a special 'Built-in GPS' setting that sees the receiver without any further setup. If another version, as was previously stated, select 'Other NMEA Receiver' (NOT Other NMEA Bluetooth Receiver!), Baud 4800 and whatever the Program Port was set to.

Now go outside with a clear view of the sky for at least 15-20 minutes. See what the TomTom home screen status info says: If 'No Valid GPS Data' then all is OK, just waiting for a fix; if 'No GPS Device' then there is something wrong.

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you have to "prime" the gps. Try running Google Maps and then select the use gps. One you have a fix with it ( sometimes can take 5+ minutes) then run your tomtom software. Thats how i get mine to work.

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