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HP IPAQ 614 Series ROM UPDATE FROM HP v. MP 1.01.00 (2 Apr 2008)

Guest Paraklas

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Available for download directly from HP.

This package contains the Bootloader Update Utility (RUU) and Bootloader file for the listed models and operating systems. After update, the device performs a clean boot which erases all user data and programs on the device. Please backup your files before performing the Bootloader update.

Fixes a battery status issue.

www.hp.com Under Drivers/Software Download. Enter Model number i.e. Ipaq 614c, Select operating system (Windows Mobile 6). Download the utility and run it.

Always read the installation instructions.

TITLE: HP iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator - Bootloader Update Using Rom Update Utility (RUU) for Power Source Monitoring

VERSION: MP 1.01.00

DESCRIPTION: This package contains the Bootloader Update Utility (RUU) and Bootloader file for the listed iPAQ Business Navigator models and operating systems. This Bootloader update is designed for those devices which may experience power monitor failure event.


The RUU Bootloader update is designed to replace the current Bootloader image. After update, the device performs a clean boot which erases the partnership and all user data and programs on the iPAQ Business Navigator. Please backup your files before performing the Bootloader update.

It is important to follow the instruction of every step of the RUU application. Before performing the update, make sure the battery of the device is charged. Do not remove the USB cable or battery at any point during the update.

NOTE: The package contains Bootloader update only for products supporting the following SKU IDs.


PURPOSE: Recommended



EFFECTIVE DATE: 2 April, 2008



PRODUCT TYPE(S): Handhelds


HP iPAQ 610 Business Navigator

HP iPAQ 610c Business Navigator

HP iPAQ 612 Business Navigator

HP iPAQ 612c Business Navigator

HP iPAQ 614 Business Navigator

HP iPAQ 614c Business Navigator

OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0

LANGUAGE(S): English (Global)


- Fixes the issue where the battery gas gauge reports incorrect value and causes the system to shut down by resetting gas gauge when detecting incorrect value.


- Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 (or later) is required.

- Host PC must be running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.


1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE to a directory on your hard drive.

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to unpack the ROM update files to a directory.

(NOTE: This directory should not contain any file or folder from any previous ROM upgrade.)

3. Establish an ActiveSync connection between the iPAQ Business Navigator and the host PC using a USB connection.

4. The ROM Update Utility (hpRUU.exe) starts automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the ROM upgrade.

(NOTE: Once the update is complete, the .EXE file downloaded in Step 1 can be deleted, if desired.)


1. During the update, the Bootloader Update Utility:

- Queries the iPAQ Business Navigator for current Bootloader image information.

- Validates that the new Bootloader image is compatible with the iPAQ Business Navigator.

- Automatically places the iPAQ Business Navigator in Flash mode.

- Updates the Bootloader image on the iPAQ Business Navigator.

2. IMPORTANT: Disable the Standby and Hibernation modes on the host PC. If Standby or Hibernation mode is activated during the upgrade process, a critical error may occur.

3. IMPORTANT: Plan enough time to complete the update. The total time to perform this Bootloader update is estimated at 5 minutes.

4. IMPORTANT: Do not interact with the HP iPAQ Business Navigator or remove it from AC power or the cradle/cable once the status bar appears on the iPAQ Business Navigator and the actual update has started.

5. If an error message is displayed during the update process, follow any available instructions to correct the condition and start the Bootloader Update Utility again.

6. The update process can be performed while connected to a host PC eitheras a Guest or with an established partnership.

Copyright © 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

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