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Any way to Flash ROM via MiniSD

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I've flashed my Tornado (Qtek 8310) with a T-Mobile SDA ROM (Tor_TMOUS_10140_191916_10900_SHIP.exe) and now I'm stuck in bootloader, and my phone is not recognized anymore via USB (I've from few computer, few ports, and few cables...)

I cannot load the phone even now...

When I'm starting it, sometimes I get a white screen, and some other times I'm getting the T-Mobile splash screen, but it's stays there (I've waited 30 minutes...), and some other times it's coming to bootloader, but again, USB is not recognized anymore...

Recently, HTC confirmed me that my phone is still under warranty (I didn't knew it was 2 years...), but I guess I need to give the phone with the original ROM.

So my question is, is there any way to update my Tornado via MiniSD, like there is a way with other phones to put the .nbf file in the SD and enter bootloader. I've just never seen that we could do it in Tornado, and that's why I'm asking...

Any help will be really appreciated...


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