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HELP!!! i was stupid and flashed my 02 xda iq with out superCID

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Guest ..::M:A:T:T::..


I must be the worlds biggest idiot as i have recently just flashed my fav phone my 02 Xda Iq WITHOUT doing superCID on it and now i am stuck in the bootloader screen frown.gif

ive flashed phones b4 its just on this particular occasion i was being stupid

i have tried other roms for it but they all reply with "invalid vendor ID" frown.gif

and i cannot find the original rom that came with it frown.gif

PLEASE HELP ME frown.gif

how to i load a rom onto it when i havnt run SuperCID on it?

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Guest Confucious

Err.. why post here. XDA-Devs are the hackers and flashers I'm sure they will be able to help. If you can get to Bootloader you should be OK.

Good luck and hopefully we'll see you bak her once you've got it sorted!

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