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Kaiser suddenly started freezing...

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Hi all,

Wondering if you have any ideas. On Monday, my HTC Tytn II started to freeze/hang, particularly when I run PIE. It just hangs for 15-20s and then continues. This is at any point, so opening the menu (15-20s), select favourites (20s to open the favourites screen) move focus to desired favourite (another 20s), select favourite (20s to close window and start browsing) etc., etc., etc. Makes the device completely unusable. :D

Mail is fine, the today screen responds okay, but some stuff (e.g., Resco Explorer) is stuffed too. :(

I've not changed anything in the last couple of weeks (no new software). I had this ages ago on my XDA Mini S, but I seem to remember it was related to the storage card. I currently have PIE configured as standard (i.e., not putting the temp files on the storage card). I'm running the HTC official WM6.1 ROM.

It's really weird, and very irritating. I'm tempted to hard-reset, but before going through that hassle thought I'd ask here in case anyone had any ideas or quick fixes?

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I had this issue in the past. It went away when I did a hard reset. Not a good way to do it.

i had this problem. i use my phone as my alarm and i'd miss the alarm in the morning because it would be frozen. the light would be on but it would not come out of sleep mode.

i had my e-mail checking my gmail account via IMAP fairly often, either 5 minute or maybe 10 but i remember having it up a lot just for the heck of it. i deleted the account (on the phone) and it hasn't frozen once since. now i added it again and set to manual updates since i see all of my e-mail enough through out the day anyway. hope that helps.

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