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T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado) and messenger issues

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Guest Dbllohin

I did a search and couldn't find anyone with this problem, so I got to ask for help.

I got this phone like 2 weeks ago and this is my first smart phone so go easy on me please.

I wanted to find and install messenger (hotmail/live) on my phone and after a search in few forums I got "Windows_Live_10.6.0033.0600.cab" which installed on my storage card without any problems.

Under my Programs I got two new icons: "Windows Live" and "Messenger", so I thought all is well and tried to open messenger and nothing happened. I tried to open "windows live" icon and nothing again. I mean small icon "working" ( you know one which shows before program is opened) shows but then nothing. I go and open "Task Manager" just to see is it running and its not.

So in the end I gave up and I try to remove these two, but to my surprise they are not listed on add/remove programs!

So my question to you is:

What can I do to fix these to work, or how can I delete them?

Thank you.

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