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Unofficial external antenna connector

Guest vonvogel

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I occationally experience bad reception with mu Touch Dual out in the country side of Sweden. To have want to use external antennas, however there is officially no external connector on the HTC Touch Dual.

After having failed with Signal Reach inductive antenna coupler, I was about to give up.

Then I noticed a very small coaxial rf connector under the battery cover the phone, just below the mini-usb (se attached pic).

Having spoken to HTC support they confirm that this is indeed an external antenna connector, but they cannot give me any spec on the required adaptor.

Does any one know if this is a connector uses a standard adapter or is it proprietary HTC?

It is approx. 2.5 mm in diameter. I thought it could be U.FL. connector, but the specs for that doesn't look right.




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Hi again,

After some search and some luck I found this excellent page for disassembly and service of the Niki.


The connector is named:

Connector RF, Female,4P,MS-162,HIROSE,3.5*3.1*2.5mm

The appropriate connector is in their catalog under either MS-162-C(LP)-1 or MS-162-HRMJ-1.

Chack out: http://www.hirose.co.jp/cataloge_hp/e35802083.pdf

Thus seems the connector is not proprietary to HTC after all.

Kind regds,


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