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iPaq 614c utils / fast settings after new ROM

Guest kissman

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Hello, i am maked simple program for iPaq 614c for use with Yevg001 Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs. Is it for fast set some tweaks.

Features: show/hide SIM contacts, enable/disable XT9, enable/disable threaded SMS, enable/disable DATA disconect button in tooltip, HW & SW reset

ToDo: Add more cool features

Use: extract anywhere you want and run (i have it on card and after every flash i simply run from file explorer)

Known bugs: sometimes delete all mesages from inbox after change threaded SMS settings. Please backup your SMS or do this tweak after HReset or flash new ROM.

If any1 have some new ideas for new tweaks, please write here (problem+solution) and i can add.


Enjoy :D because its a freeware :D


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