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What is the actual theoretical max speed of the Kaisers HSDPA

Guest andrewkeith5

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This one has been confusing me for a while - I'm trying to figure out what the theoretical max of hte hsdpa modem in the tytn ii is - i keep reading conflicting reports

I'm sure HTC quoted it as 7.2mbps, but when I bought it (its a Vario III bte), t-mobile quoted 3.6

Does anybody know what the max actually is (i.e. did t-mo only say 3.6 because thats what their network had at thetime)? Also, obviously I know theres no hope of ever getting the actual theoretical max, but does having the faster 7.2 modem on the (now) faster network actually make too much of a difference to speeds?


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cancel that, sorry..

...it does seem it is only 3.6:(

still, has anybody noticed any significant change in speed between 3.6 and 7.2 devices, considering the network is the limitation? i currently get around 1mbps at the moment, which is alright but i'd prefer better as i'll likely be using it at uni

I'd go into a shop and ask but they'd just talk b***s*** ...

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