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HELP: Debrand 3 UK

Guest man_bites_dog

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Hi all.

I've managed to Sim-unlock my HTC Tytn 2 and now want to go ahead and install custom ROMS. But before I do, is there a way to get my HTC looking like a stock one, without flashing it? I don't quite understand the whole "radio" version thing. Can I use any radio, or only the one that came installed with my phone?

The first thing that comes to mind is the annoying "Planet 3" shortcut on the right soft button. I can't find any way of removing it.

Also, I want to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1, but Three doesn't have the update and the HTC won't accept my serial no to allow me to download it from them. How do I update a rebranded phone?

Any help appreciated.



EDIT: I went the whole hog and flashed it with a custom cooked rom and I'll never look back. I also dumped my original three Rom which I can use to get it back to it's original state should I wish to return for a warranty. If anyone needs instructions on how to do this, post.

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