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Alert Wont Stop

Guest theGeneva

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This alert keeps coming on, sometimes every half an hour, but always at 5 past or 35 past the hour, and I cannot figure out what it is from.

I have no calendar entries, missed called, new voicemail messages, and have checked skype.

Can someone please advise?

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what phone have you got?

I had this problem with my previous phone (MDA Vario 2) as opposed to Vario 3 (where the problem went away).

I sent my first phone back after a month, when I set the alarm for the first time and it would never stop - even after a reset.

The basic explanation is that the reminders are stored in their own database, once dismissed, should be erased.

Due to a fault with WM5, they weren't erased, can't remember the explanation, but it never got fixed until WM6 arrived.

I've never seen it in WM6.

When I was trying to cure it, I got assistance on a similar forum to this and was advised that you could get a little piece of code that would display the reminder events in date order and you could erase the bogus entries.

Can't remember what that was called either, as I simply rang T-mobile when the Vario3 came available and demanded an upgrade as the Vario2 wasn't fit for purpose.

Hope this sheds some kind of light -however dim. ;)


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