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X1 can't stream video on Streaming Media through internet problem

Guest kurajy

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My X1 cannot perform the RTSP streaming using the Streaming Media form internet browser after i hav install the real player (and i uninstall it becoz it dosen't support WVGA... <_< ).


When i use IE to open youtube, and click on a video to watch, the screen wont change to streaming media interface, juz stop at the page there.

For original setting, if a video clicked then it will jump to streaming media interface and start buffer the video...

Anyone can teach me to configure back to the original video streaming setting ?? B) B)

thanks alot

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If you go start->programs Streaming Media, and then options I have:

Playback tab: Media Buffer = 7 seconds, Do not show 'connect to internet' message = ticked

Networks tab: Connect via = The Internet, UDP port range From = 6970, To = 32000

Video tab: Use Landscape mode when watching in full screen = ticked.

However its probably something in the registry. Check the key: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\rtsp\Shell\Open\Command]

The value should read: StreamingPlayer.exe %1

You can use PHM registry editor if needbe to check the registry: http://www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/ - download the PocketPC 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA) CAB file.

NB Usual disclaimer that messing with the registry can result in breakage, (andmaybe needing to do a hard reset if said breakage is too bad) Do so at your own risk...

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