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Appointments; Time Zone

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Guest mh505

Hello there -

I've seen a couple of topics here on the matter but couldn't ascertain if and/or how it has been solved.

I travel frequently to a different time zone. When I change the zone on the device, all the meeting times in the agenda change also. So a meeting that I fixed for let's say 15:00h, now shows at 17:00h.

When I don't change the time zone, the agenda times are of course still alright; but then the reminders are 2 hours too late.

I find this most annoying and wonder if there is a workaround or a registry hack to address this issue

Thanks !



HTC S740


12.04. 18:00

have moved this topic to the General Discussion; non-touchscreen

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Guest mh505

Either way, Mr.Clark.

But I have found a work-around that is so simple that it's embarrassing I didn't strike on it earleir. Rather than change the time zone on the device, simply change the system time.

This solves all problems !


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