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HTC Tytn II is indestructable!

Guest Nick Le Lievre

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Guest Nick Le Lievre

I bought my Tytn II in Sept 2007, but on December 31st 2008 I was off my head an chucked it down the toilet, it was in the toilet for at least 30 minutes.

3 months later I tried powering it on but got nothing, so I left it aside for another 2 months and bought an MWG Zinc II to replace it, then one day I tried to turn it on again and surprisingly it did power on (on mains only) it was acting a bit wierd with regard to the power light it was kinda flickering then after about a minute the phone would switch off making a little dink sound as it did so. It wasn't charging the battery at all (which was flat before it went into the toilet).

I tried to put a sim card in but it wouldn't find a network, so as it didn't work on battery at all I decided to get a new one off eBay as they were only £ 3. I didn't expect it to work properly but for £ 3 it was worth seeing what would happen.

Today I got the new battery and when I first put it in the power light was flickering again, it powered on and battery had 36% charge, it wasn't charging the battery but it would power on from the battery only, and the battery didn't go down while on mains.

For the heck of it I thought I'd stick a sim in to see if I'd get a network and sure enough I did and made a phone call on it, this was new to me as on the old battery it couldn't get a network even. I played about with it some more and eventually it started charging the battery.

It now appears to be working fine this is amazing!

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Guest Nick Le Lievre
i hope it doesnt smell

No it doesn't :D


I've been using the phone over the last few days and I have noticed what I would describe as a minor fault with the phone, if you set the back light to maximum the screen flickers wildly, as you lower the brightness the flickering lessens until it stops completely at the lowest three settings.

This is not really a problem to me as I have always used it on the second brightness notch and here its fine and plenty bright, the only time you ever see a problem then is when you soft reset it because the HTC logo screen is at maximum brightness, the flickering soon disappears as the user setting takes over, and also when you start the camera to take video the screen is automatically set to max brightness so the screen flickers while taking video, it takes photos just fine.

In all other respects the phone works perfectly I even put the old battery in and now thats charging, it seemed all it needed was a new battery to get it charging again as before it refused to charge the battery.

I will be keeping the phone as I sold my MWG Zinc II the other day so need it for the time being, I will probably replace it in a couple of years.

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