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x1 official update

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I have the x1i and trying to update, i have downloaded the update service from the se website and attempted to follow all of the instructions.

However when i get to the part where i hold the power button and down button of the volume which sends you to the 4-color screen just prior to this the phone produces a white screen and in blue writing on the phone its says “image file not found or loaded” cant remember exactly anyway then It then stays on this 4-color screen and says usb at the bottom, nothing happens after this.

Ive tried over 4 times now

I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance



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I also have this issue. After entering the developer mode and connecting the USB cable back to the phone, the software update start scanning my device. After few moments, I receive a error message, that my phone is not recognized and to repeat the steps. Done that 3 or 4 times.

Can you please give us some information how to pass this issue and how to install an original SE ROM??

Thanks in advance,


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just flash using storage card

download official ROM here


rename the extracted file to Kovsimg.nbh

Format a MicroSD card with FAT32 if not yet done

Copy the Kovsimg.nbh into the root directory of your MicroSD card and insert the card in your phone

Turn off the phone (USB cable not attached)

Remove and reinsert the battery

Hold the volume down button and turn the device on again, still holding both buttons until the 4-color screen shows up.

Follow the onscreen instructions

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Is it possible to upgrade to WM6.5 usnig the flash card method? If so, could you let me know how please (and give a link to the download file if possible)


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