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new X610 user, can't register on glofiish site

Guest wanwarlock

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Hi all,

I bought this phone for my wife today. I've used HTC devices before, now using a touch pro.

anyway, I wanted to register at the glofiish site. Boy that site is a bit annoying. I tried to register to see if they had a new rom for this device.

tried to register but when I entered my IMEI, a popup came out saying I need to input my s/n. thing is I can't type anything in the field. All other mouse taps/clicking on other windows just brings about the pop up again!

I went to etencorp.com site and again a similar thing happened! A popup now says that I need to enter a 'real' s/n.

Fed up now, so is there a new ROM for the X610? My rom version is 701, Jan 09 WWE. Anybody managed to register on these sites?

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