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CameraCaptureDialog on HTC Touch Diamond

Guest Ferry M

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I need help.

I am developing a Windows Mobile application using CameraCaptureDialog class to capture video clip.

My code :

CameraCaptureDialog cm = new CameraCaptureDialog();

cm.Mode = CameraCaptureMode.VideoWithAudio;

cm.VideoTypes = CameraCaptureVideoTypes.Standard;



When I tested in HTC Touch Diamond P3700, it appears that my program's working. But the problem occured when I have recorded a video in the CameraCapturedDialog. After a video recorded, in the screen appear 3 buttons:

1. back to my program

2. capture another video

3. delete

When I choose to capture another video, the first video that has been captured gone missing.

Is there any way to keep all the video that has been recorded?

Thank you very much.

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