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Sportypal free workout tracker

Guest kreativ

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A new free software that I have been using for some time now.

It is type of application that can keep track of your runs, rides with bicycle or simply from your walks.

Track your position on Google Maps and give full info about your distance covered, your speed, callories burnt...

SportyPal worked on my Diamond. Picked up GPS in about 20 seconds and gave good results. Here you can check my run:


The GPS accuracy is really good.

SportyPal gave a great first impression and is easy to use. Uploaded quite quickly from the phone and didn't take too much battery power.

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New SportyPal 1.2.7

Windows Mobile SportyPal 1.2.7

- A new update is now online for Windows Mobile users, re-enabling you to post from to Twitter from your device, as well as fixing several bugs. Here’s what’s been changed in the new version:

- Sharing to Twitter now works just like sharing to Facebook. SportyPal no longer requires you to enter your Twitter username and password to share, but you have to connect your SportyPal account to your Twitter account. To do this, log in to sportypal.com, go to My Profile, click the Facebook & Twitter tab, click the Connect button next to Twitter and follow the onscreen instructions.

- The workout details Options menu now has a Fix option that should fix workouts that have negative values or values to large to be uploaded. This is irreversible, and it can sometimes trim a few seconds off of non-broken workouts, so don’t use it on non-broken workouts, OK?

- Fixed an UI-related crash that would often occur if a device drops the GPS signal mid-workout.

- Attempted to fix the HD2′s power+GPS issues as per our users’ advice on the forums. We obviously can’t test if this helps, since we’ve never experienced these issues ourselves, but we hope it’ll help.

- Increased Google Map download timeout for those folks out there with slower data connections.

- The task manager should now show only one instance of SportyPal running at a time.

- Fixed a potential crash while downloading the post-workout Google map.

- Fixed a bug where the “My Profile” screen would not to be updated with a new language until you restarted the application.

- Ports in the GPS port selection list should now appear in the correct order.

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the workout stats in the workout details view to appear with the workout’s Google map as their background.

- The sorting menu in My Workouts is now closed when starting to drag the workouts list while the menu is open.

- The prompt asking you if you want to upload your workout after it’s finished no longer has the question mark icon/background.

- Several more minor bug fixes.


And new SportyPal Pro demo version :




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