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Orange no longer providing the HTC Touch Pro2?

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Guest StanYau

I've called the Orange Business Team twice now to look at upgrading three of our phones to the Touch Pro2.

I've been told on both occasions that the Touch Pro2 has just been marked as "end-of-life" and discontinued - Orange will no longer be providing these phones.

Does anyone know why this is? If this is related to the impeding Windows Mobile 6.5 release then fine, but if not - why on earth are Orange not stocking the phone any longer?

I see the phone is still on offer on the Orange Business web site, but when I pointed this out, I was told that the decision to discontinue was made very recently and that the web pages relating to the Touch Pro2 will be pulled shortly...

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Guest StanYau

I've called Orange a few times again over the last week, and it doesn't appear to be good news - three different answers...

1. Called the Business Support team and was told the Touch Pro2 with WM6.5 failed testing and wouldn't be offered on Orange in the foreseeable future.

2. Called the Business Support team again, and was told that the Touch Pro2 was only offered to business customers for around 3 weeks (back when it was first introduced), then withdrawn. Lady I spoke to claims the phone has been removed from the list of available phones on the business system.

3. Called the "new business" team (number given on Orange business web site, where the Touch Pro2 is still displayed). Was told it was not available to anyone except businesses with 500+ handset users.

I don't know what the reality actually is - the messages have been extremely mixed. However, everyone at Orange seems consistent in saying the handset is not going to filter down to ordinary business or personal customers.

Along with T-Mobile withdrawing this handset and O2 no longer offering it (did they ever), I wonder if there are issues with this phone? Why are Vodafone the only network offering this?

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