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Fiddly Controls

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Guest srcshelton

Hmm - I tried an SPV in an Orange shop, and didn't notice any problems.

Now I've taken the plunge and bought one - and I can hardly use the central 5-way button!

Almost every time I try to press it in (for action) I end up going up or down instead. I'm *sure* I didn't have this problem with the demo in the shop!

Has anyone else found it fiddly to use?

(And does anyone else find it easier to use with their LEFT thumb??!?)


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Guest awarner [MVP]

I find exactly the same problem and my thumb aches as well :( the problem I seem to get is that when I'm using the five way I end up knocking the buttons next to it or pressing the centre button by mistake.

I guess it just takes time to ge used to, I'm learning more by the day and everyone is a great help on this site :D so problems will soon go

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Hwen i am writing a text or email i ALWAYS hit the home key instead of the 1 key to do a full stop, it annoys the hell outta me. I guess we'll all get used to the keys, but try spending 30 mins on an spv and then picking up a Nokia 8210 the 8210 nearly floated outta my hand :D

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I'm starting to get annoyed to f**k with the dinky little joypad thing. In the shop all seemed rosey and fine... but when you start using it properly to do "normal" things with a phone it begins to irritate. That coupled with the incredibly tiny keys.

I just picked up my old Nokia 3330 and it so good and easy to zoom around the menus and sms with one finger.

Now i'm in two minds wether to keep this SPV or not...

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