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Pulse Recovery - without adb??

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First off, thanks to all involved for the nicely packaged superboot bits... so easy to use!

My HTC Pulse arrived the other week ... I really like it but could really do with getting root (mainly for over clocking and NetShare)

I have run:


The phone seems to write the correct number of bytes then just sits there (which I guess it is supposed to)

My problem is that I can not get the Pulse into recovery mode (I have battled without success to get adb running properly on FC10 (

Is there any other way to get it into recovery mode? (quick boot requires root and adb I can not get to recognise my phone)

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You can get into recovery mode without adb. Just use fastboot to get root, and then again to install the recovery tool. Then load up phone, go to quickboot and run.

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Thanks for the advice... but, I must be missing the point here somewhat (be of a noob, sorry)

I have renamed 'update-pulse-1.1-core-signed.zip' to 'update.zip' and copied it to the root of my mounted phone device.

I then turned off the phone and put into bootloader mode (the blue screen)

I then ran:


(the phone tells me 3440640 bytes written )

What is next?

I thought if i managed to get into recovery mode, I could apply the bits in the update.zip.. then I would end up with root access on the Pulse.

I dont really know how to use fastboot-linux .. from the little help it gives me I can only reboot the phone??

thanks again for the help

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Superboot installs 'Quick Boot' as an application, which you can use to access recovery and apply update zips (you obviously have to install the patched recovery image using the guide here first).


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Cool, thanks for the help... I can see what I was doing wrong (i missed out the super boot somehow?!)

For the benifit for any noobs like myself, I did this:

1. Downloaded Custom ROM to my laptop.

2. Renamed to 'update.zip'

3. Copyed the 'update.zip' to the root directory on the phones SD card.

4. Powered off the phone.

5. Powered on the phone in FastBoot Mode (hold down 'vol down' and 'red' buttons and tap power), should see blue screen.

6. Plugged phone into usb port of my laptop

7. Download super boot.

8. Unzipped superboot, changed the permission so I could excute the file, then ran: install-superboot-linux.sh

(the phone shows it has written some bytes ) ... if that does not appear to work, try doing it as 'root'

9. Download recovery image

10. Unzipped recover, changed the permission so I could excute the file, then ran: install-recovery-linux.sh

(the phone shows it has written some bytes )

11. I then fastboot-linux reboot to reboot the phone.

12. Once the phone has booted you should see 'Quick Boot' in the the apps menu.

13. Use quick boot the get into 'recovery mode'

14. On the phones recovery menu, select the 'update.zip' option from the menu (takes a while)

15. When finished, select 'Reboot Phone' from the menu

Sorry if the detail of the above is not the correct way of doing things, but the process worked for me and now thanks to the people who came up with superboot, etc., I have an overclocked very useful rooted HTC Pulse "sweet!" :D

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