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Tethering the MoDaCo rom on the Pulse

Guest bugthing

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I well like features of the new MoDaCo rom for the pulse.. the sshd is cool and I'm glad you dropped those well gay t-mobile icons

I was wanting to tether my phone so I tried android-wifi-tether it tells me I am missing a kernal mod.

----- snip -----

This means that the Linux kernel on your device does not have the features (CONFIG_NETFILTER and CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES) required for tethering. If you have an ADP G1, please read ADP15KernelUpdate (or ADP16KernelUpdate if you're using Donut), otherwise you will need to find a firmware/kernel with these features. The developers of Wireless Tether are unable to help with other types of devices (but donations of hardware/etc would help :D

----- snip -----

Few questions...

Does that sound right to you? (ie. does the MoDaCo rom not feaure CONFIG_ etc. etc._??)

Is there another tethering app that will work for the pulse?

Is there another rom I should try on the the Pulse?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.


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