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Questions about Pulse on pay as you go (new to UK mobile)

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I'm going to be relocating to the UK soon and I'm hoping you guys can help answer a couple questions I'm wondering about before I order a Pulse from T-Mobile...

1) If I get a Pulse on T-Mobile pay as you go, can that phone easily used by someone else (i.e., someone I've sold it to) after I'm done with it, on either pay as you go or contract? Can it easily be used by someone else on another GSM network?

2) Is there a way I can root the phone and easily put it back to the default UI/et al (and wipe my personal data from it) before I sell it?

3) What kind of data roaming rates/plans does T-Mobile charge/offer for use with the Pulse in Europe outside of the UK?

Thanks in advance,


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One more question:

4) If I brought my own unlocked GSM Android phone, could I use it with T-Mobile pay as you go (or any other pay as you go provider)?

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